Wanha Satama

Max Capacity 2000
6 Conference Rooms

Wanha Satama is located in one of the most elegant and well-known buildings in Helsinki. Its history goes dates back to 1897 when it was first established as a storage building for imported goods. Today, Wanha Satama offers multiple possibilities for events, as well as spaces for co-working and pop-ups.

Where in Finland?


Distance from Helsinki

Venue is 0 km away from Helsinki Airport


Pikku Satamakatu 3-5 FI-00160, HELSINKI
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Conference room details

Conference roomsSq.mTheatreClassroomBoardroomDinnerCocktailCAPACITY BY SET-UP (PEOPLE)
Hall A615350300400
Hall B449300280400
Hall E998550500700
Hall F480350280400
Hall G258150100160
Hall H166807080
7 smaller cabinets

Further details


Restaurant Soima offers lunch on weekdays.

Exhibition Areas

Halls and and cabinets.