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From hyper-connected spaces fit for 5,000 to secluded resorts for a select few, Finland has a venue that will suit your needs.

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Latest in the congress calendar

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What’s on the schedule in Finland? Check out this calendar for a list of upcoming congresses.

Kuopio, Kuopio Music Centre
Nordic Congress of Ophthalmology (NOK)
4.8.2024 - 8.8.2024
950 delegates
Oulu, University of Oulu
4th World Congress of Environmental History
19.8.2024 - 23.8.2024
500 delegates
Tampere, Tampere Hall
European Aerosol Conference - EAC
25.8.2024 - 30.8.2024
800 delegates
Turku, Logomo
The 22nd European Conference on Computational Biology / ECCB2024
16.9.2024 - 20.9.2024
1000 delegates
Espoo, Aalto University
50th EIBA Annual Conference
12.12.2024 - 14.12.2024
500 delegates

Incentive activities

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Finland is year-round destination that offers unique incentive experiences and activities.

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