Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos

Max Capacity 500
5 Conference Rooms

Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos is the largest conference and event venue in Northern Lapland. This centre of Finnish Sámi administration, education and know-how is situated on the shores of Lake Inari and opened in January 2012. It’s suitable for conferences of up to 500 people and is equipped with modern conference technology and communications capabilities. Both the nearby village of Inari and the Saariselkä region ( offer plenty of accommodation options, as well as Sámi cultural and nature activities.

Where in Finland?


Distance from Helsinki

Venue is 0 km away from Helsinki Airport


Sajos FI-99870, INARI Tel: +358 10 839 3109
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Conference room details

Conference roomsSq.mTheatreClassroomBoardroomDinnerCocktailCAPACITY BY SET-UP (PEOPLE)
Auditorium Dolla (A)298274
Multipurp. Hall Dollagáddi (B)1161407040
Main Hall (Connected A+B)417500
Parliament Hall Solju125805040
Conference Room Silba (C)20121010
Conference Room Nasti (D)30241815 Silbanásti (C+D)50362825
Music-/Video Studio44

Further details


Cafe-Restaurant Caiju in Sajos seats 50 guests. Its menus offer delicacies from Lapland. Other restaurants in Inari are a 5-10 minute walk from Sajos.


There are hotels and cottages in Inari village (5-10 minute walk from Sajos), in Ivalo (30-minute drive from Sajos) and in Saariselkä (55-minute drive from Sajos).

Further information

Sajos is located in Inari on the banks of the Juutuanjoki River, by main road 4. The journey to Ivalo airport takes about 40 minutes by car (50 km drive). Direct flights between Ivalo and Helsinki (1.5 hours) are available daily. Inari can also be easily reached by bus. Siida museum is a 5-minute walk from Sajos, Samí Duodji shop (featuring Samí handicrafts) is located in Sajos, and there are plenty of nature and cultural activities nearby.