Restaurants for groups in Helsinki

Credits: Julia Kivelä

Credits: Julia Kivelä

Helsinki is a dynamic culinary haven for international events


Helsinki stands as a vibrant destination for business events. When you're looking for the perfect blend of culture, innovation, and world-class cuisine, Helsinki captures the essence of a compelling event destination.

This article explores the culinary landscape of Helsinki, showcasing some restaurants suitable for groups. These restaurants offer a range of culinary experiences for lunches and dinners, from traditional Finnish tastes to modern cuisine.

Restaurants for 40-90 people

Restaurant Juttutupa 40 
Juttutupa is one of the oldest restaurants in Helsinki. Simplicity, human touch, live music and unpretentious food are the touchstones of Juttutupa.  

Restaurant Nokka 40 
The restaurant, just a stone's throw away from the city centre, is committed to serving only the purest seasonal ingredients, sourced from the forests of Salla in Lapland and from smallholdings across Finland. In summer, Nokka opens out towards the Baltic Sea.

Restaurant Zetor 40-50 
Enjoy a meal around long rustic tables and among tractors. The menu is full of Finnish spirit: well-known classics and country-inspired specialties.

Story, Old Market Hall 60 
Lunch dishes include homestyle meals, a daily changing meat or fish option, and salads changing weekly according to the season. Story's bread and patisserie products come from the own bakery. Suitable for smaller groups, self-service. 

Restaurant Suomenlinna Brewery 70 
Restaurant Suomenlinnan Panimo (Suomenlinna Brewery) is located just a 15 minutes ferry trip away from the Market Place. A unique restaurant and brewery at Suomenlinna sea fortress with handcrafted beers and delicious food.

Kultá Kitchen & Bar, Lapland Hotels Bulevardi 70-100 
Enjoy the magic of Lapland in Helsinki. The purest ingredients such as game, reindeer, mushrooms, lichen and birch leaves are brought straight from Lapland.

Restaurant Salutorget 80
Set in a former bank building, Salutorget is a restaurant known for its pared-down elegance and a cosy outdoor terrace with views of Helsinki's bustling seafront market.

Restaurant Sunn 80
Restaurant Sunn is located right in the middle of the city centre next to the Senate Square. The restaurant with its Nordic kitchen offers lunch during weekdays, brunch during weekends and a la carte in evenings.

Krog Roba, Hotel Lilla Roberts 40-80
A former police station that is now a relaxed restaurant with its roots in the Nordic countries. Krog Roba's delicious breakfast is served daily, lunch Monday-Friday and a la carte on Monday-Saturday from 17 onwards.

Restaurant Savotta 90 ("Logging camp" downstairs for 60)
Finnish restaurant Savotta's kitchen cherishes Finnish food tradition, serving also vegan dishes. The interior decoration is inspired by a dash of Finnish nostalgy from the past decades and logging and forestry traditions.

Olivia Kluuvi 90
The restaurant is inspired by Rome and the menu consists of classic Roman dishes.
Olivia Central Station 
The restaurant, inspired by Milan, is located in the historical ticket hall in Helsinki Central Railway Station. 

Credits: Salutorget, Timo Jalkanen

Restaurants for 100-200 people

Fat Lizard Töölö 100 (Cabinets for 20 and 40)
Rough and lush food from quality ingredients, without frill or tricks. Great location by the Töölönlahti Bay. 

Restaurant Lasipalatsi 100 (Palm Room for 60) 
Restaurant Lasipalatsi is restored honouring the functionalism style of the 1930's. The restaurant serves classic dishes as well as seasonal delicacies 

Restaurant Löyly 100
Löyly is a public sauna and restaurant complex in Hernesaari district on the southern tip of Helsinki. The restaurant, favoring ecological and locally produced ingredients, offers lunch, dinner and brunch on Saturdays.

Restaurant Saaga 100
Restaurant Saaga offers genuine northern tastes and the magic feeling of Lapland in the heart of Helsinki. The menu offers pure Lappish and Finnish natural products e.g. reindeer, northern fish and berries.

Lucy in the Sky 100
Lucy in the sky is a rooftop restaurant that serves contemporary bistro food along with an unique view on top of Accountor Tower, the historical landmark building towering over the area of Keilaniemi in Espoo.

Restaurant Töölö 120
Restaurant Töölö is a stylish restaurant in the Aalto University Töölö building. The lunch buffet (Monday-Friday) is composed of seasonal delicacies, lovingly crafted from the finest possible ingredients. 

Restaurant Meripaviljonki 170
Meripaviljonki is a unique floating panorama restaurant, open year-round from lunch until dinner. The restaurant specializes in seafood: fish, shellfish and lobster from their very own tank. 

Restaurant Strindberg 170
The restaurant on the second floor offer views of the wonderful Esplanade park. The top-quality kitchen combines the ever-popular Nordic classics with the latest international flavours and styles.

Restaurant Hima & Sali 180
Hima & Sali is a café and lunch restaurant at the Cable Factory in Ruoholahti. Lunch is served from Monday to Friday.

Restaurant Sipuli 200
Housed in a historic red brick warehouse, Sipuli is an exceptional and versatile restaurant and events venue. Open mainly upon request. 

Island restaurants are open during the summer period

Helsinki's island restaurants offer an array of delicacies that range from traditional archipelago dishes to a la carte food options. The island restaurants are open from May to September. 

Restaurant Särkänlinna 120
Särkänlinna on the historic fortress island of Särkkä is one of Helsinki's most beloved summer restaurants. The menu draws on the finest ingredients, life in the Finnish archipelago and seasonal Finnish food. 

Restaurant NJK 160-250
The villa-type restaurant, located on the small island of Valkosaari, was built in 1900. It is one of the most popular locations for festivities during the summer season.

Restaurant Saari 200 
Restaurant Saari is located on the Sirpalesaari island just a short distance from the city centre. The restaurant provides Finnish and archipelago specialities as well as magnificent views of the sea.

Restaurant Saaristo 300-430 
Saaristo's white Art Nouveau style villa, built in 1899, is one of Helsinki's most imposing and traditional restaurants. Saaristo's menu offers delicacies of the Scandinavian cuisine. 

More information on the island restaurants on the My Helsinki website

Restaurant Saaristo
Credits: Juho Kuva