Lapland – Top winter destination by Lonely Planet

Credits: Alexander Kuznetsov ©Visit Rovaniemi


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Those looking for the true winter wonderland, look no further. Be inspired by a sample incentive, a design hotel and brand new activities. Read about Lonely Planet’s top winter destination in Europe.
Credits: Alexander Kuznetsov ©Visit Rovaniemi

Lapland Winter Wonderland Experience

The northern most part of Finland, Lapland, is the magical arctic region full of contrasts. In fact, contrasts are a key factor in the allure of Lapland where 24-hour sunlight in the summer replaces the dark winter days filled with Northern Lights.

Lapland in northern part of Finland is the ideal place to experience winter incentive. During a few days you can try a variety of winter activities and on top of that enjoy memorable dinners with local cuisine. Not to forget the possibilities which spa programmes and nightlife can offer. Unique incentive experiences include a mini-cruise on a working Ice Breaker and an overnight stay in a snow hotel or glass hut. Seeing the northern lights will add a bonus to your experience of a lifetime.

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Credits: Daniel Taipale

Design Hotel Levi has a great location

Credits: Design Hotel Levi

An exclusive design hotel with 77 rooms is situated in the centre of Levi village, directly below the slopes of one of the Nordics’ most popular ski resorts. Design Hotel Levi is a work of art and it was opened last December. In the hotel, the contemporary Nordic interior design, architecture, sculpture, light installations and spatial art fuse with the views to the surrounding highlands.

Elegantly designed rooms and suites combine elements from both modern and traditional Lappish design and you will find greying pinewood from Lapland, natural stones, wood, reindeer themes, and black and copper in the hotel. The hotel rooms are situated in four floors, and all the rooms have a French balcony or a regular balcony in them. The top floor of the hotel can be reserved in its entirety for private use for groups. A stunning mountain view opens up from the top floor in particular.

Hotel is close to the Resort’s Spa and to a wide selection of restaurants and comprehensive services. Yet the nature of Lapland is always just around the corner. Restaurant Kekäle offers Lappish and Finnish specialties, seasonal ingredients and organic products.

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Rovaniemi is the best winter destination in Europe by Lonely Planet

Lonely planet has chosen the Top 10 Winter Destinations in Europe. Number one is Rovaniemi in Finland. The capital of Lapland is an ideal winter travel destination also for business events. You can find excellent meeting facilities, great hotels but also special accommodation for more adventurous ones. Variation of winter activities is vast including safaris with huskies, reindeer and snowmobiles.

Lonely Planet is one of the most respected travel sites in the world, reaching an audience of hundreds of millions. Lonely Planet praises Rovaniemi for the winter wonderland offering. The Top 10 also includes the most beautiful Christmas markets of Central Europe, so Rovaniemi can be truly honored for conquering the number one position in the ranking.

Lonely Planet highlights the Visit Rovaniemi Arctic Circle page and points out the snowy true winters and sub-zero temperatures. Arktikum, science center and museum is highlighted as the pathway to arctic culture and way of life.

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Credits: Alexander Kuznetsov

New winter activities in Ylläs

Ylläs resort is located above the Arctic Circle offering variety of activities and the real nature of Lapland. If you want to experience the white silence and explore the unbeaten paths of the arctic. Stop in the middle of nowhere, breathe in the cleanest air in the world and let the white silence enchant you. Ylläs resort is the winner of Scandinavian outdoor award travel 2020.

Winter Biking

Ride through the snowy forest in the national park and conquer the close by mountains. Enjoy the breath-taking views. Take a break at wilderness café for warm lunch. Stop in the middle of the forest and listen to the arctic silence. This is the perfect day of winter biker.

Winter biking is the new and sustainable way to enjoy the arctic nature. Ylläs has a 100 km long and well-maintained winter biking trail network. With over 300 bikes for rent and guiding services available. Especially with electric bikes this activity is for a wide variety of target groups.

Backcountry skiing with sliding snowshoes

Sliding silently on top of the pure white snow under the blazing northern lights. Sliding snowshoes are a cross between skis and snowshoes. They are more skiable than snowshoes but easier to ski than cross country skis. They are the perfect choice for exploring the Pallas-Yllästunturi national park.

Snowshoeing is suitable for everyone despite your age or fitness level. If you are looking for more tranquil walk, you can just slow down the pace, look for gently sloping hills or follow the marked trails.

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Credits: Juho Kuva

Posio becomes Finland’s first sustainable travel destination

As the first Finnish travel destination, Posio has received the Sustainable Travel Finland label granted by Visit Finland. Launched last year, the first Sustainable Travel Finland labels for companies were issued already in June, but this is the first time that an entire travel destination has received the recognition.

More than half of the travel companies based in Posio offering services to international visitors have been granted the Sustainable Travel Finland label, which is one of the criteria set for a travel destination. There are altogether seven requirements that a region must meet: for example, it must commit to the national principles of sustainable travel, support the development of expertise in sustainability within local companies, provide multi-channel communications on sustainable operations, prepare a development plan that is updated regularly and perform an current state analysis of sustainability within the region’s travel industry operations.

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Credits: Harri Tarvainen

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