Tampere Congress Ambassadors

Credits: Visit Tampere

Credits: Visit Tampere

The Congress Ambassadors programme is part of the larger Ambassador network of the City of Tampere


Tampere Congress Ambassadors are Tampere University researchers whose input in summoning and organising an international congress has been significant. They represent the international top of their fields and are influential actors in scientific organisations. When travelling abroad, Tampere Congress Ambassadors represent Tampere University and local scientific knowhow, and they encourage local researchers to participate in organisational activities and in the organising of congresses. A new Tampere Congress Ambassador will be chosen annually.

Tampere Convention Bureau coordinates this sub programme that is part of the larger Ambassador network of the City of Tampere.

Meet the Ambassadors on videos and hear why Tampere is a special place for them:

Pertti Alasuutari, Academy Professor, Tampere University

Atanas Gotchev, Professor of Signal Processing, Tampere University

Kalevi Huhtala, Professor of Hydraulic Engineering, Tampere University

Howy Jacobs, Professor of Molecular Biology, Tampere University

Tiina Soini, Research Director at the School of Education, Tampere University

Markku Sotarauta, Professor of Regional Development Studies, Tampere University

Kalle Vaismaa, Industry Professor of Digitalization in infrastructure, Tampere University

Read more about the Ambassadors here.