Credits: Julia Kivelä

Credits: Julia Kivelä

Sauna is the Finnish way to wind down, and a private sauna by the lake is many people’s happy place


Looking for the traditional Finnish sauna experience by the lake or in the city? Or perhaps a floating sauna raft by the river, or an underground sauna in the forest? When you’re looking for a venue that has that special Finnish touch, a venue with a sauna is your choice. We have listed some special saunas to guarantee an event to remember – and a chance to relax and find peace like a Finn.  

There is nothing more Finnish than sauna; many Finns think you can’t grasp Finland or its culture without bathing in a sauna. In fact, Finland’s love of sauna recently made the UNESCO World Heritage list of Intangible Culture. And remember: no visit to a Finnish sauna is complete without a chilly dip in a pool, lake, river or sea.

World’s largest smoke sauna

Herrankukkaro is in the heart of the archipelago, just a half an hour’s drive from downtown Turku. It is a distinctive conference and recreational center built around a fisherman’s homestead. Available for bookings by groups and companies, Herrankukkaro is a must-see, unforgettable year-round destination. 

With the world’s largest smoke sauna and outdoor heated baths right along the archipelago shore and dozens of unique conference and dining rooms or private cottage accommodations along the beach, Herrankukkaro is guaranteed to be a singular destination set amidst the natural beauty of the archipelago! 

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Unique, must-experience saunas in the Lakeland Region

Tampere is the Sauna Capital of the World. Combining traditional sauna with urban vibes, Kuuma is a welcome addition to Tampere’s sauna scene. The sleek lakeside building features two saunas and a popular restaurant serving seasonal, Nordic-style cuisine and a delicious tasting menu with select wines. On a summer day, the outdoor pool and large, two-story terrace overlooking Lake Pyhäjärvi fill with crowds enjoying food and drinks into the wee hours. 

Saana Sauna & Spa, Kuopio: The Finnish word “saana” means “sauna” when pronounced in the Savonian dialect. Situated on the shores of Lake Kallavesi in Kuopio, Saana is a recent addition to Finland’s modern public sauna scene. It features three separate saunas – including a smoke one – an indoor hot tub, waterfall showers, two outdoor swimming pools, and the opportunity to try open-water swimming year-round. The restaurant serves locally sourced food and boasts picture-perfect views of magnificent Kallavesi. 

Savutuvan Apaja, Jyväskylä: On the island of Haapasaari, a protected natural reserve at the heart of lake Päijänne, Savutuvan Apaja offers a stunningly beautiful setting for events throughout the year. Authentic sauna experiences at the lakeside saunas. Separate saunas are suitable for up to 70 bathers. In the embrace of lake Päijänne, Savotta sauna is right by the water. The Torppa sauna area includes two saunas with two lakeside jacuzzis. Traditional smoke sauna is heated with thought and devotion for 5-6 hours in deciduous trees. The saunas hold the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Nature Certificate.  

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Saana Sauna & Spa, Kuopio
Credits: Projectico / Panko Concept

Sauna World

The Lehmonkärki Sauna World is a unique venue consisting of four saunas. A panoramic sauna, an authentic, 100-year-old smoke sauna, an igloo sauna, an electrically heated sauna and outdoor hot tubs form a unique whole that you will not encounter anywhere else. The panoramic sauna has a direct view of Lake Päijänne. In winter, there is a hole in the ice for swimming. The Sauna World has room for up to 100 guests at a time.

Credits: Julia Kivelä

Lapland Hotels

The Lapland Hotels properties have more than 1,200 saunas – in Tampere, you can even go to sauna above the rooftops in the Laawu Rooftop Terrace & Sauna at the Lapland Hotels Arena.  

In addition to Tampere, Lapland Hotels has saunas in all of its urban destinations, including Helsinki, Kuopio and Oulu. With more than 100 saunas, the hotel located on Bulevardi in Helsinki has the most. However, most of the entire hotel chain’s saunas are in the Lapland locations, where you can go to sauna in apartments, cabins as well as hotel rooms. Lapland Hotels Oulu, Lapland Hotels Helsinki Bulevardi and the two Lapland Hotels in Tampere have been granted the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience URBAN Quality Certificate

Lapland Hotels Bulevardi in Helsinki boasts more than 100 guest rooms and suites with a private sauna
Credits: Lapland Hotels Bulevardi

Sauna experience under the Northern Lights in Lapland

Sauna experiences at the Apukka Resort, Rovaniemi: Apukka Resort’s saunas are a physical manifestation of Finnish sauna mentality: no matter where you are, there should always be a sauna nearby. (And if there isn’t, a Finn will probably build one from whatever’s at hand!) In addition to wood-heated and electric saunas, the resort has an ice-built sauna that resembles a little timber house. Don’t miss the sauna carriage on skis – a unique creation that can be left on the doorstep of guests’ glass huts or suites. Book a sauna experience from December through the end of March. 

Snow Sauna at the Arctic SnowHotel, Rovaniemi: This sauna is made entirely of snow and ice, offering a unique bathing experience that contrasts thick, hot steam with icy snow walls. If this combination doesn’t appeal, the Arctic Snow Hotel also has more traditional log-built sauna buildings, complete with hot tubs. All sauna bookings include a chance to try cold water dipping. Snow sauna is available from mid December until end of March. 

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Ice Sauna, Apukka Resort
Credits: Apukka Resort

Urban sauna experiences

Löyly is one of the most iconic and well-known public saunas in Helsinki. Offering visitors sanctuary from the city in a former industrial area on the Helsinki waterfront, the sauna’s sculptural wooden building was designed by Avanto Architects’ Ville Hara and Anu Puustinen and features three wood-heated saunas, an outdoor swimming pool, and a welcoming restaurant that serves Finnish classics like meatballs and creamy salmon soup. On a summer day, there’s nothing better than soaking up the sun on the large outdoor terrace while enjoying a refreshing drink and stunning views of the Baltic Sea. 

Right in the heart of Helsinki, you’ll find a buzzing pool that’s open year-round and provides an oasis of well-being for residents and visitors alike. In addition to Allas Sea Pool’s sea water pool and sauna, there’s a warm water pool and, during the summertime, a children’s pool. Allas Sea Pool offers your chance to experience the Finnish sauna in a unique urban setting. There are also several restaurants and a popular concert venue onsite. 

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Credits: Harri Tarvainen

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