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ICOM-CC Metals Working Group meeting to be held in Helsinki in 2022

Credits: Jussi Hellstén

Credits: Jussi Hellstén

The 10th Interim Meeting of the ICOM-CC Metals Working Group will be organized at Suomenlinna Fortress


The ICOM-CC Metals Working Group, The National Museum of Finland and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences will host the 10th Interim Meeting of the ICOM-CC Metals Working Group in Finland. This will be the first time that the meeting takes place in the Nordic countries.

The conference will be held at Suomenlinna Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located at the entrance to Helsinki’s harbour on September 5-9, 2022. For the very first time ever, the conference will be offered in a hybrid format with in-person and virtual programming.

The ICOM-CC Metals Working Group is concerned with the conservation, restoration and preservation of all objects made of metals or metallic alloys of archaeological, indigenous, artistic or historical origin. The aim of the Metals Working Group is to foster conservation and to promote the conservation science of Metals, to encourage the networking of conservators and metals experts, and to facilitate the dissemination of information on current conservation practice, research, and education; by electronic communication, meetings, specialty groups and social networks.

More information on the conference website.
ICOM International Council of Museums – Committee for Conservation.

A birds eye view of the Suomenlinna fortress in summer
Credits: Adobe Stock