Finland is the happiest country in the world – 6th year in a row


6-time World Champion in happiness


The Finns have long been considered to lead one of the happiest lifestyles, resulting in Finland having been named the happiest country in the world by the United Nations World Happiness Report in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 – and 2023.

The World Happiness Report research leverages six key factors to help explain variation in self-reported levels of happiness across the world: social support, income, health, freedom, generosity, and absence of corruption. 

In the World Happiness Report, "happiness" means the degree of satisfaction that people have with their lives. Research shows that satisfaction correlates with a well-functioning democracy, free elections, free press, and a low corruption index, along with inclusive social security services helping those who need assistance. These aspects combine to create a perception of well-being, and in these areas, Finland remains at the top globally. (Business Finland press release.)


Credits: Mikko Huotari

Top 10 - World's happiest countries for 2023

1. Finland
2. Denmark
3. Iceland
4. Israel
5. Netherlands
6. Sweden
7. Norway
8. Switzerland
9. Luxembourg
10. New Zealand