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Vaasa is an international city located on the west coast of Finland.

Its international flair combined with a UNESCO World Heritage area make Vaasa an appealing destination for business events.
Credits: Visit Vaasa

Welcome to Vaasa

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People from more than 100 different countries live here, and the city’s Nordic and international contacts have always been of great importance. Vaasa is a bilingual city – 25% of residents consider Swedish their native language.

Vaasa is also the educational, cultural and tourism centre of Western Finland. Every third person is a student, and every fifth person studies at one of the city’s universities.

Where in Finland?


City facts

Population: 68 000

Flight connections: The airport is situated a 10-minute drive away from the city center.

Distance from Helsinki:

– Plane 45 minutes
– Train 3 hours 30 minutes
– Car 417 kilometres, 5 hours


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International connections

A plethora of international companies and universities make Vaasa an attractive place to work and study; in the past two years, its population, number of workplaces and tax revenue have all increased. More than 30% of Vaasa residents hold a university degree.

Vaasa’s focus on education, along with its good traffic connections, makes it a good place to host meetings, conferences and international congresses. The city’s high-class conference venues and hotels, as well as the unique Kvarken UNESCO World Heritage area, offer many options for successful meetings and events.

Focus on energy technology

Vaasa is the Nordic leader in energy technology. A significant share of Finland’s – and of all the Nordic countries’ – energy technology industry is located in the Vaasa region.

Thanks to short distances and a logically planned layout, Vaasa is an easy place to visit, live and meet. Five broad avenues and several lanes ensure traffic runs smoothly, and cultural life in Vaasa offers everything from operas to symphonies. Finally, Vaasa is statistically the sunniest city in Finland.