Credits: Harri Lindfors


Ruka is one of the most popular conference locations in Northern Finland.

Ruka is located in Kuusamo, Eastern Lapland, and is one of Finland’s most popular ski and holiday resorts and a lively alpine town.
Credits: Harri Lindfors

Welcome to Ruka-Kuusamo

Credits: Harri Lindfors

Ruka is one of Finland’s most popular ski and holiday resorts and a lively alpine town. Visitors here will find themselves surrounded by pristine nature, including magnificent hills, crystal-clear rivers, and wild woodlands.

Where in Finland?


City facts

Population: 15 000 (Kuusamo incl. Ruka)

Flight connections: Kuusamo Airport lies a 10-minute drive from the centre of Kuusamo, and 25 minutes from Ruka resort.

Distance from Helsinki:

– Plane 1 hour 20 minutes
– Train 10-13 hours
– Car 800 kilometres, 10 hours


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93825 Rukatunturi

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Quality meetings

Kuusamo is a popular conference location in Northern Finland, and the new Ruka Conference Centre enables the town to host even larger and more versatile meetings, exhibitions and conferences.

Together, Kuusamo and Ruka offer facilities for every purpose, whether you’re planning to arrange a meeting for a few attendees or a conference for 1,500 people.

Wild nature and indoor fun

The Kuusamo region is the most popular nature tourism destination in Finland. This area offers plenty of things to do, from visits to reindeer farms to relaxing in spas.

Indoor activities like bowling and health clubs are popular alternatives to the many outdoor pursuits possible in Kuusamo.

Credits: Mariia Kauppi

The Northern Lights bring luck

According to legend, the Aurora Borealis is a sign of good luck. Go Aurora-hunting on snowshoes, snowmobiles or dog sleds.

Other exciting winter activities include tour skating, ice fishing, snow golfing, reindeer riding, ice swimming, ice climbing and ice carting.

A haven for skiers

A vast network of cross-country ski tracks circle the Ruka fell. Downhill skiers and snowboarders are catered to as well, and there are 20 ski lifts and 30 slopes that guarantee cool runnings.

The peak of Ruka fell reaches 492 metres above sea level and its longest slope is 1,300 metres long.

Enjoy the light-filled summer

When the snow melts and summer arrives, it’s time for fishing and hiking, paddling and riding the rapids. Go mountain biking or try a safari adventure on foot or on horseback. Kuusamo has also an 18-hole golf course.

During these light summer days, you can bask in the purity and peace of nature or participate in many lively events in Ruka village. And in autumn, soaking up the wonders of nature – especially the season’s wonderful colours – is an ideal way to enjoy time in the area.

Credits: Harri Lindfors