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Lahti is ready to host your conference or event.

Whether you’re looking to host a laidback meeting in the peaceful Finnish countryside, a stylish experience by the lakeside, or a cocktail party for 3,000 people, Lahti is the destination for you.
Credits: Janne Käyhkö / VisitLahti

Welcome to Lahti

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The Lahti region has many high-quality business event options to meet your specific needs. Here are five reasons why to choose Lahti, an authentic city by Lake Vesijärvi.

Where in Finland?


City facts

Population: 120 000

Distance from Helsinki:

– 50-minute drive from the Helsinki Airport
– Car approx. 1 hour from Central Helsinki
– Train 50 minutes


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Salpausselänkatu 7

15110 Lahti

Tel. +358 207 281 760

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1. Natural beauty of Finnish Lakeland

Lahti is the gateway to Finnish Lakeland, the largest lake region in Europe. Take a cruise through the canals and experience national landscapes, such as the eight-kilometer Pulkkilanharju Ridge in Päijänne National Park, or enjoy local delicacies on the waterfront.

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2. European Green Capital 2021

Lahti is a pioneer in environmentalism and the first Finnish city to be appointed the European Green Capital. Lahti will also become carbon neutral in 2025, and our residents and businesses are truly leading the way in the urban sustainable living. In Lahti, you can be sure your event meets the highest standards of sustainability.

3. Walkable, compact city

Lahti, a city of just 120,000 people, offers the intimacy and cosiness of a small town with the services, efficiencies and logistics of a major city.

4. Easy access

The Lahti region is located less than an hour’s drive from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, so it’s easy to reach from all over the world – no connecting flights in Helsinki are necessary. And once you arrive in the city, you’ll find that everything is within walking distance, with Lahti’s transport hub, venues, restaurants, shopping streets and many hotels all close at hand.

5. Nordic lifestyle and sports

Sports have always been major part of the city’s identity. Come and experience the Nordic lifestyle, with its outdoor activities and healthy foods, as well as the fresh air and world’s purest water.