Credits: Lauri Rotko / Helsinki Marketing


Helsinki is well on its way to becoming the most functional city in the world.

Helsinki is a relaxed, friendly, safe city that invites visitors to get out and explore its varied terrain on foot.
Credits: Lauri Rotko / Helsinki Marketing

Welcome to Helsinki

Helsinki is a relaxed, friendly, safe city that invites visitors to get out and explore its varied terrain on foot. Compact and easily navigable, it offers a plethora of hotels, restaurants, bars and cultural attractions all within walking distance of the centre. The city also has an efficient public transport system consisting of bus, tram, metro, train and ferry services. Its natural beauty and proximity to the sea are two additional assets.

Helsinki is also a city of fascinating contrasts. As one of Europe’s fastest growing and developing cities, fast-paced urban life and peaceful natural landscapes can be found just around the corner from one another. With its many green spaces and modern architectural gems – not to mention its sun-lit summers and cold, dark winters – Helsinki is full of surprises.

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Where in Finland?


City facts

Population: 660 000. The Helsinki metropolitan area has close to 1.5 million inhabitants.


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Congress capital

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Helsinki truly rolls out the red carpet for meetings, conferences and conventions. Boasting unparalleled professionalism and hospitality, the city holds an average of 300-400 international association meetings annually, which are attended by more than 40,000 delegates. On top of that, the city also hosts numerous national conferences, events and theme days each year.

The University of Helsinki is listed among the world’s top 100 universities. Three out of four Finns speak English, and almost half of all Finns speak two other languages in addition to Finnish. Finland is also the most literate country in the world, and our teachers are some of the world’s best.

Helsinki is Finland’s largest port. The centre of Finnish economic and business activity, it’s home to approximately 48,000 companies. Many regional headquarters of both Finnish and international corporations are also located within Helsinki city limits.

Looking ahead, Helsinki aims to become the most functional city in the world and is committed to offering each and every resident a more sustainable lifestyle. Our goal is to be carbon neutral by 2035. Check out Helsinki Partners' Sustainable Meetings Guidelines for information on how to make more sustainable choices when organising conferences and meetings in this vibrant, socially-conscious city.

Transport connections:

  • Helsinki Airport is situated 20 kilometres away the city centre; direct train connection. Approximately 180 international flights arrive daily at the airport
  • There are daily ferry services from and to Estonia, Sweden and Germany